Steel Rises

Steel girders thrust out of the ground more and more each day as BHS and Hutton construct the New Immaculata in St. Marys, Kansas. These girders are building a magnificent Romanesque church which has now taken form in the Kansan Flint Hills, right off Highway 24. The building is happening so quickly, every time I … More Steel Rises

Poppies and Birthdays

June in our family is filled with birthdays. And many of our neighbors’ gardens are filled with cheery poppies. While planning out my summer, I decided to illuminate my calendar with poppies. Today, I’ll show you the fruit of that, which in turn was the fruit of observing both some good friends’ poppies and my … More Poppies and Birthdays

Steel Between Trees

Driving through the midwest on a summer road trip, you might get a glimpse of a church rising above our small town. If you keep reading, I’ll tell you where I glimpsed this scene, and show you a few other shots of the picture.