Called by the Bells

Todays post was delayed by the unpacking of the great big bells freshly delivered from France!

Click to see some pics and read a few brief lines on the big beautiful things!

The five bells which are made to ring together harmoniously were forged back in December in France by Paccard, a company that survived the French Revolution.

The metal, as it was blended and melted, was blessed as it poured into the great underground bell moulds.

The ceremony and one of the pourings was live streamed on December 16, 2021. I sketched it while the event took place virtually, and then had just enough time to dash off to work (Chick-fil-A back then!).

Today the bells were delivered and unpacked and stored in a shipping container.

I had plans to tweak another post and get a lot of other stuff done, but the Spirit pushed me to go up the hill to the building site where my family was already getting up close to the bells.

There we got to touch them, feel them. Greet them, sketch them, and see all the little intricate details that Paccard added as a little surprise (like detail of Kansas flora and fauna!) before they are hoisted to their homes in the tops of the bell tower on September 10!

That’s it for now!

Can’t wait to share the paintings of the sketches when they are done!

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and a little adventure of you own today!

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