Slow Down There

When things get hard do you relish the experience, and take your time through those rocky areas? Or do you want the tough times to end soon, quickly, NOW?

At work, I discovered that when I had to do menial small tasks like tape for painting, I was terrible.

I couldn’t do a straight line, and I couldn’t do it continuously. I started to get huffy and puffy inside, sputtering invisibly. At one point, “Slow down Evelyn Wood!” popped into my cranium, and I remembered Bill Kemp’s implication that SLOW is the key to SUCCESS.

With that in mind, my internal narrative regained composure. Patience, young grasshopper, I coaxed myself.

I started taping with small foot-long pieces, instead of the massive three-foot lengths I was trying to do. And things inside me started to change.

My interior sputtering and tension turned into a gradual burbly chirping.

I was doing my job, doing it well, just slowly, but I was happy with the effects.

Realization: slow and small is okay when the going gets tough. Baby steps.

That afternoon, it was time for my run. There’s a particular hill I tackled that day that I absolutely HATED.

That hill never ends -winding all the way till another part of the trail levels and merges into another path. Towards the end of my run, I confronted it, and started to grit my teeth and muscle up it, determined it would not get the best of ME!

Church notes

Then the epiphany from earlier that day hit me.

I know the hill is hard.

I want to LIKE my whole run, not hate it.

I know I will not let it beat me.

So, I changed my mindset: “Steady on, baby steps.

And sure, my pace was a little slower, but I slogged up that hill without pausing, without feeling sick, without doubting that I could make it…so, all ‘round faster and better than in previous runs.

An evening watching locals perform

Once you make a connection in one place, they get made in other places.

Especially in the big life projects:

  • I have the Camino Project which I am bringing to a conclusion and which I can’t wait to share more about when it’s time;
  • I took on a few classes to gain some better credentials;
  • And I’m trying to discover how to be an adventurous freelance artist full-time who can still stay rooted and connected to our wonderful community;
  • Not to mention, figure out how to date more, and keep other friendships nourished.

[Pant, pant, pant!] That’s a lot! It feels like the steep part of that hill, the steepness and the grind coaxing one to give up!

Lunch break at the site

But then I think of the baby steps of writing, taping, and running up that hill.

Baby steps, little grasshopper. 

Sometimes the route has to be changed a bit, adjusted, for sure -already contemplating how.

But bull-headed, inflexible rushing into things is never the way to run any course of action!

If we’re meant to live in the present moment, then just as we wish life’s most wonderful moments to linger and never end, can we change the tension of those frustrating patience into gentle, calm, peaceful treads forward?

Fini for this week!

Thanks so much for reading!

The bells are waiting to fly up to their home towers this Saturday!

It’s thanks to these little sketchbooks that I’ve been able to keep my sanity, sketching and writing all alive! Originally used for Church notes, quick jots, lists, and emergency sketch needs, these little pocket moleskins are my mental survival tools!  (Note: when you click the below photo link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for clicking! )

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