“Slow Down Evelyn Wood!”

These are the words master penman Bill Kemp said to me as he observed me practice writing. We were at IAMPETH, in Omaha, NE. It was the evening study hours where masters and students met and worked sided by side, practicing and exploring, and enjoying each other’s company. “Who’s Evelyn Wood?” I asked.

Steel Rises

Steel girders thrust out of the ground more and more each day as BHS and Hutton construct the New Immaculata in St. Marys, Kansas. These girders are building a magnificent Romanesque church which has now taken form in the Kansan Flint Hills, right off Highway 24. The building is happening so quickly, every time I … More Steel Rises

Poppies and Birthdays

June in our family is filled with birthdays. And many of our neighbors’ gardens are filled with cheery poppies. While planning out my summer, I decided to illuminate my calendar with poppies. Today, I’ll show you the fruit of that, which in turn was the fruit of observing both some good friends’ poppies and my … More Poppies and Birthdays

Steel Between Trees

Driving through the midwest on a summer road trip, you might get a glimpse of a church rising above our small town. If you keep reading, I’ll tell you where I glimpsed this scene, and show you a few other shots of the picture.