In the Darkness

The depths of Autumn are leading us to the beginning of winter. Leaves are falling, the days are shorter, and our spirits tend to go as dark as the nights are long. And the mood can change as quickly as the equinoctial weather. But in the darkness of all this change, while all seems to … More In the Darkness

The Short Man’s Tree

It’s autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere. The trees are beginning to turn into flaming pyres, whose ruddy leaves flutter all over the ground. One such tree who litters our nice clean lawns with great crunchy leaves and little funny balls is the Sycamore tree. If you’re familiar with the Bible, you may have heard … More The Short Man’s Tree

Heart Aflame

Are you hungry, lonely, helpless? Do you feel overwhelmed, weary, unable to carry your burden. Do you crave to fling yourself into someone’s arms and be comforted? “Come to me all that are burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and humble … More Heart Aflame

Little Gut Voices

Do you ever have little gut voices whispering to you? Mine has kept whispering to me: “You know the source of your best work happens when you’re outside, on the scene.” Or “You need to get outside to do your painting, not stuck inside behind a desk all morning!” And the rest of all of … More Little Gut Voices

Words in Darkness

When darkness is all around, sometimes, that’s when another person can be the greatest light. Not long after the fountain pen discovery (in the previous post), after the IAMPETH conferences, I was feeling very low. I felt like I was leaving an artist incubator was going back to a no man’s land or a limbo … More Words in Darkness

Fountain Pen Men

When a pen cleaner takes your Lamy pens and cleans them, sometimes you discover some neat things about your own life. Greg Minushkin took my Lamy pens and cleaned them, he let me see the build-up I had caused by unknowingly abusing them through neglect over the years. With “Slow down, Evelyn Wood!” still echoing … More Fountain Pen Men

“Slow Down Evelyn Wood!”

These are the words master penman Bill Kemp said to me as he observed me practice writing. We were at IAMPETH, in Omaha, NE. It was the evening study hours where masters and students met and worked sided by side, practicing and exploring, and enjoying each other’s company. “Who’s Evelyn Wood?” I asked.