Steel Between Trees

Driving through the midwest on a summer road trip, you might get a glimpse of a church rising above our small town.

If you keep reading, I’ll tell you where I glimpsed this scene, and show you a few other shots of the picture.

One day I happened to be walking on the Old Farm Road -one of the gravel roads on our historic campus of St. Mary’s Academy. I saw, framed in between an opening in the cottonwoods that line the College Creek, the steel of the dome walls of the church rising above a distant tree line.

Truly an “Aaaaaaaa!” (with an angelic chorus) moment.

I decided to come back and try to paint it.

I did…brought a picnic, and plopped myself on a blanket (to protect myself from our local cross of chiggers), and listening to a podcast and the birds, and sipping some iced tea, I laid out my supplies, clipped my book, and started to paint. This was in-between taking tasty bites of warm rotisserie chicken wrapped in homemade pita and dipped in a feta and basalmic sauce made by a dear roommate.

Have you ever tried to paint and eat at the same time? It’s very messy.

Somehow, I was able to do both, and not get any grease or stains of any sort on my paper. Thank God for cloth napkins!

I had a concert to get to so I did rush things a bit. The painting was a bit of a “fastie,” but I’m really happy and grateful for how it turned out.

Do you think this would make a good card for the locals?

And before you leave, check out these products below. I’d love it if you would because when you click the link below, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

This is the watercolor notebook I have been using for capturing the rising of the New Immaculata. A good friend gave it to me as gift and I think of him often when I use it!

This somewhat pricey paintbrush set is worth every penny. The perfect sizes (except a good rigger brush and a large squirrel brush if you’re going really big). I love the portable, non-fussiness of them.

And if you’re wondering what sort of paint I use, I tend towards Winsor and Newton’s Permanent Sap Green, mixed with a lot of cadmium yellow, Windsor yellow, and yellow ochre.

Thanks again for looking! Hope you have a great weekend!

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