Watercolor your Planner

We productive people write down our to do list each day, and from time to time look at a calender. I discovered that writing out the daily plan and checking the calendar is always better when it looks nice. Painted nice.

Having an esthetically pleasing calendar or planner really increases the quality of your life.


It’s the equivalent of having a tall green private hedge surrounding your lushly landscaped backyard, creating a scene that only you and your dear guests can enjoy.

Since January I’ve taken what I see around me in nature and the changing of the seasons and I illuminate the monthly calendar with those themes in my bullet journal/planner.

If you continue reading and looking, you can see what I’ve done from January-May.

You’re also seeing what my morning view is outside my window each day: the midwestern weather, nature, and wildlife as it appears during those months. The rising of our new church also shows up there.

In January, my friends, family and I keep the Christmas and wintry spirit alive well throughout January. Hence the greenery. In this case the model for these evergreens and red ornaments were my friends, the Vancouvers’ beautiful tree. I painted this while we sat and visited and helped the little Vancouverettes paint.

Each month you see here is ‘announced’ with the month’s name, and the theme of the year appearing as a little reminder for me to be conscious of making decisions inline with that theme.

I’ve taken to themes instead of the typical resolutions, thanks to life experience lessons, and also to my brother and C.P. Grey.

Really, the theme of listening had made me slow down enough to be able to do all this painting and to realize the impact beauty has on the most mundane of activities. There is certainly pleasure in making even the most utilitarian of things beautiful.

February shows the bleak weather, complimented by the warm tones of the earth, and the dramatic march of the armies of arctic snow geese across the sky.

March begins with the ice cold blue skies that we have during the great polar vortex, as well as the rising structure of the New Immaculata.

The daffodils came up pretty quickly though, so they made an entrance.

April was so fun to capture: everything in nature was bursting forth!

I tried to capture the equinoctial weather, as well as the morels that some of us were fortunate enough to find.

April was fun, but May was my favorite thus far. It was so vibrant and verdant and cheerfully bold.

Now to find time to paint out the month of June….any ideas for that? Poppies come to mind…

I hope you enjoyed ready this, but most of all looking at it. Would you like to have a calendar like this?

And before you leave, check out these products below. I’d love it if you would because when you click the link below, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

Above is the journal I’ve been using. The paper is definitely not for watercolor, but I love the way the pages are numbered, as well as the table of contents. It feels a step above a Moleskin (shhhh…don’t tell my Moleskins I said that!)

This ruler above here: I stow in the back pocket of my journal. Super flat and always there for me.

And the above waterproof ink is what you need if your calendar is already laid out before you start painting. (I usually do a blend of these pens and an ol’ Pilot pen.)

And this is a great ‘right out of the box’ way to begin painting in no time. I use the ‘out-of-the-tube’ version of this brand.

Thanks again for looking! Hope you have a great week!

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