When Watercolors Make Maps

Nestled in the sleepy Midwestern Flint Hills of Kansas, just off Highway 24, this historic campus can be found.

The Campus of St. Mary’s Academy and College, St. Marys, KS.

Last August I was commissioned to make a storybook style map of the old Jesuit grounds.

The ‘prototype.’ It took many tries and several views to get the right angles.

Seven months later, I was able to present it to my client.

The crime scene.
The outdoor studies and hikes around of the campus helped tremendously. They were the key to getting the right angles and perspective. It was like being a traveler in my own backyard!

This map, begun during the death of my grandmother, the wedding of my sister, and a couple chunks of sickness, has been quite a journey! Check out the slideshow below to see the final map painting from sketch to ‘almost’ end!

I am very grateful for the support of family and friends who were able to look at the work with honest eyes.

The WWI Memorial Arch with the College Building in the Background

I am also grateful for the patience of my client after a few setbacks.

The Tower, looking over the Quad.

Some good life lessons and simple art lessons were learned.

The old gymnasium.

Here’s a small sampling of them:

  • Ask people. You see more with other people’s perspectives.
  • Make time to do your regular hobby and for balanced life habits; it keeps your creative juices flowing. This will make you tackle the professional project at hand with more zeal -and more skill.
Bellarmine and Loyola Halls.
  • Straight lines matter with perspective.
  • Manage the inside voice. If you let your inside voice be harsh and critical, your work will be stressed looking and uptight. In times of performance you need a coach, not a browbeater.
The Gazebo, a site of a beautiful legend.
  • Continually give yourself over to the One who has made your talents possible. This really keeps the pressure off you. It’s almost like going into auto-pilot.
Our Lady’s Circle, near the Quad.
  • Set a timer and take breaks.
  • Audible and Movies do help – within reason.
  • It’s time to add Adobe Creative suite to the list of skills

Do any of these life lessons resonate with you?

The New Immaculata, coming soon! You can see one of the local cemeteries in the background.
The Old Jesuit Cemetery and the Old Jesuit Barns
The client and I with the map.

Thank you all for reading and taking a look! Deo Gratias for a beautiful job and everyone’s support and encouragement!

The final product.

This painting was completed with Windsor and Newton watercolors, on a Arches cold pressed 140lb. watercolor sheet, 22×30.”

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6 thoughts on “When Watercolors Make Maps

  1. Miss Bridgette,
    The Lord has blessed you with such a wonderful gift. Keep up the good work.
    We enjoyed you, your family, and watching your sketches come to light and life through the flowing strokes of watecolor – beautiful!
    Our love & prayers,
    Aunt Sib & Good Ol’ Great Cousin Sabrina


  2. It looks great to me, Bridget. I think it would look better with a Honda motorcycle parked in the parking lot? You do amazing work.


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