Beer and a Hike

What do you do when life hands you a beautiful spring day in Kansas? Hike!!!

And of course, along came the watercolors too.

But I had a lot of school work to do later that day too, so I needed to pick a trail close by-nearly in my own back yard. To set the hike apart from the rest of the day and make it more of a real relaxation, I planned to add a good beer to the bag on the way.

I picked up the habit from traveling in the Northwest US and in Europe where a satisfying beer is to be had at the end of a good hike. It’d only be second nature to stop by the beer garden or craft brewery substitute: a little local liquor store.

A hearty German lager jumped from the cooler and into the rucksack.

It ended up coming mid-hike to celebrate the beautiful Sunday; the cooling, bubbling beer did enhance the little adventure.

Here in Kansas everything was still pretty brown and desolate looking, so I decided to paint the old world bottle while I soaked up the sunshine and enjoyed the swirling creek below my elevated perch.

The lager was good -slightly nutty, comforting, yet refreshing, and not too heavy.

Have you ever gone on such an adventure?

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