A Blissful Backyard

It’s Spring! Or nearly. Time for grilling, chilling, and soaking up the sun. And for some people, whether you’re going essentialist on your lifestyle, or staying in because of COVID, these leisurely things are all done at home.

The backyard fence of a certain house encloses within it’s secure arms the enjoyment of the little things of life.

The latest commission was to capture a family’s house. It started as a plan to capture only the house and yard; it ended up capturing the family as well.

The painting was to be a gift from the wife to her husband.

In this commission I tried to capture what were the favorite things of each spouse about their house, as well as highlight the charm of the old structure.

The wife loved the back balcony and the maple tree with all of it’s vines.

The dog and her toddler son were also essentials to the picture.

Her husband liked the chimney, the fence, and both loved the outside patio.

And compared to the front of the house, the rear had the most unique charm with it’s original windows and balcony.

I tried to combine it all into a scene of domestic bliss, and draw upon their future plans for the backyard.

Now that it’s painted, I want a house and yard like this!

Sometimes looking at our daily life in this way helps us see the charm and gifts hidden in the mundane everyday!

Are there little, hidden details of your family mansion that are dear to you? Could you imagine what they would look like if they were put into a painting?

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