Morning, Pigeons

Each morning the sun rises, and each morning the local pigeons bask in the golden rays.

When I was sick a while back, I looked out the windows often, looking forward to feeling better.

Day after day, gazing out those windows made me realize how many little treasures are all around us.

And these pigeons, for all their poop and feathers, certainly lifted my spirits!

I captured these this scene when I started to feel better, but wasn’t entirely ready to go out.

Doing so gave me the same feeling of travel journaling, but here I was capturing the exciting-but-oft-taken-for-granted-moments of my own home!

I hope you enjoyed this scene that captures what I see each day when I pass through the halls, whether sick or well, of my historic home.

Do you have a little hidden scene of beauty at your that cheers you on each day but could do easily be taken for granted?

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