Sugar Creek

Sugar Creek Country Store is a charming, old style grocery store and deli in our small midwest town of St. Marys, KS.

It is housed in the recently remodeled historic Urbansky building, downtown. Built as early as 1865, it was restored several years ago, thanks to its owner who believes in the positive impact that beauty has on people.

At store level, Sugar Creek it offers affordable heart foods, bulk groceries, and has a great deli. Above the store are apartments.

Those apartments , the one you can see above with the bay window, was the first home of one young family. When they saw my travel journal sketch of the store, they asked me to do a small commission on their first home.

Done in Windsor Newton watercolor on Strathmore paper, the image above and below is of the final piece.

I love how the lamp-post glows against the building and the feel of the colors.

This is the travel journal ‘sketch’ that caught their eye.

Here is the pencil sketch I captured one evening for fun:

Recently, I ‘ve been back to capture some employees decorating the storefront with Nativity scenes; I thought it would be fun to pain the people who were painting.

Soon, I hope to have some souvenirs made capturing the old-world charm of Sugar Creek.

The warm, cheerful spirit of the storekeepers, and the love of beauty of the owner who did the restoring make this building a repeating joy to capture in watercolors.

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