Finding a Christmas Tree

Finding a Christmas tree can be a unique experience, especially if you’re Chevy Chase in “Christmas Vacation.” If you live in St. Marys, KS, a group of families come together each year to produce Town Square Christmas Trees where you can go select your Christmas tree at a local lot.

They import beautiful Douglas firs from a tree farm up in Wisconsin, and arrange them on the town square, once the site of a local grocery store before it burnt down.

At this time of the year St. Mary’s becomes Hallmark Land. You get your hot cocoa from the little red hut on the square, walk around and look at the Christmas trees, pretend there’s snow falling, and then go warm yourself by the fire, surrounded by the glow of friendly locals, Christmas lights and merry music in the background.

All that’s needed is a cute guy, and some sort of sappy plot.

So I decided to go down there one day as a break between my grading and capture the scene. It was the perfect golden hour. I bit off more I could chew in the size of my painting – 12×20,” but named to capture the scene pretty well for the first time round, and managed to work in some people that happened to walk down there (my brother and sisters).

All in all, it was a great change to paint, socialize, and smile at the fact that while some people dream about Hallmark land, we live in a town where our locals make it happen.

Merry Christmas to all!

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