Thank-you for the Bazaar

The Christmas Bertrand Bazaar was a huge success, thanks to our wonderful community.

I never expected to do so well, but it was clear that this community supports local budding artists, especially when the artwork captures the everyday beauty of our small town.

It was also felt like part of a team being next to my mother’s bustling biscotti booth and my aunt’s beautiful beeswax ornaments.

Thank-you so much to the community of St. Marys Kansas for the support and encouragement you offered to yours truly. As Mark Twain said “I can live for two months on a good compliment.”

Several of the natives of the town were touched by the artwork and fondly shared the memories they had of campus, the town, such as grandparents working up at the old Barn, and attending midnight Mass at the old Immaculata.

Hopefully those memories can be captured for future generations.

Meanwhile, the next step after the bazaar is getting an online shop set up on this website, and selling cards locally. Between finishing commissions, creating Christmas presents, and of course teaching, I hope to make it easier for some of you to be able to purchase things in a more streamlined way.

Thank-you so much if you in anyway supported or encouraged me, especially my Grandad, Dad and Mom, Aunt Tree, Jennifer and Michelle at Jenn Bartlett Design and Art Prints Express, Anna, Alex Hall, and all those who shared their memories of brought forth by the paintings. And last but not least, thank-you to Pat and Julie Swendson who took and shared these photos with me.

And, as always, thank-you dear reader for making it thus far. I hope you enjoyed this little update.

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Hop on over to see what’s new in the shop; ‘construction’ is gradually going to bring you something nice to look at.

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