Sunday Brunch

When my sister Julie started bringing her fiancé, Patrick, around more often, one thing really stood out to me about him. He always visited with my Grandma Jones.

In our family, visiting with the grandparents (and our parents too) is an awfully big check mark.

Then, right before the wedding, Grandma died.

She was truly a loving matriarch in her way, full of bubbly conversation. Nothing gave her greater joy than someone visiting with her.

So, for Patrick and Julie’s wedding present I decided to capture how Patrick, my Fbil (future brother-in-law), won my heart -and Grandma’s too.

While I sketched and planned the painting I thought how it would capture the other grandparents in there too.

Good ol’ Grandad looks on, content to bask passively in his patriarchal bliss while his “Lovey” carries on the conversation. Grandma Bryan also looks on, happy to be in the family fold, and enjoying the outside sun.

Even Mishka, our noble mastiff is glad to have his people around.

These are scenes that were so normal to us, so taken for granted, until Grandma had health complications starting in July, and then died suddenly on August 28, 2020.

We older kids will always have these truly blessed and rich memories with us, but Patrick and Julie’s children will never know Grandma Jones.

But maybe they know her, and our other grandparents too, in a different way through this picture.

Thanks to my other family for the constant advice and looking over things for my affirmation! And a big thanks to Michelle at for a wonderful framing job!

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