Fall Colors

Autumn reigns supreme as cars wind along a scenic twist of this little Midwest town.

I sketched this one night when I needed to take a break from a commission I was working on.

It was the sort of day were everything you touch seems like you ruin it in some way. Ever have those days? I wanted to throw it away as none of the washes worked out and I was really impatient with it. But I decided to see what would happen when I tackled it again.

I’m glad I stuck with it and made myself work with something less than perfect.

My favorite parts? Mishka, the family’s regal English mastiff, in the back of my dad’s truck. I also liked how I was able to simplify the scene.

I’d like to redo this. And on the second go I would try to makes the washes more definitive, crisp up the lines, and make a few details more accurate.

Hope you enjoyed a scene from historic St. Marys, Kansas!

#watercolor #watercolorpainting #midwest #midwestliving #mastiff #englishmastiff #littlethings #stmarysks #kansas #kansasartist #autumn #fall #autumnvibes #thanksgiving

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