The Crusader

The life of a man upon the earth is one of warfare (Job 7:1).”

This painting represents the life of a Christian on several levels.

First it represents a Crusader trying to free the Holy Land from the Muslims.

The second represents a Christian trying to go against the forces of the world.

The shield is the seal of my alma mater, St. Mary’s College. St. Mary’s college gave me my training in Christian Warfare.

The coat of arms that of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who established the Society of St. Pius X. This religious order was founded to preserve the priesthood and tradition of the Catholic Church. Archbishop Lefebvre chose St. Pius X as a patron to the order because St. Pius X’s mission was Instuaure omnia in Christo -to restore all things in Christ.

The life of a Christian is a pilgrimage to becoming another Christ. It’s also a constant struggle against our nature weakened by Original Sin.

God sent Christ down on earth to show us who God is and how man is to get back Home to Paradise. Christ can be studied in Sacred Scripture. One image from Scripture that struck me is Christ portrayed in the Apocalypse as a the white horseman “leaping across the pages of history.”

The crusader here also represents that if we give everything to Christ, all will be well, because he has already conquered. In the midst of our daily struggles, the picture shows him already conquering our battlefield for us if we but lean on him.

We’re kinda like the soldier below, wounded on the field, jubilant that our king is smashing the enemy.

At the bottom of the picture you’ll notice that soldier grabbing an enemy who’s about the take a stab at the White Horseman. “A brother helped by another is like unto a strong fortress (Proverbs 18:19)!” We can’t go thorough life alone, and we must mutually support each other in our journey through the battlefields of life.

Those are several levels of the life of the Christian portrayed here.

Now for the history of this picture.

I was nannying in Italy waaaay back in 2007. When we weren’t traveling the evenings got pretty lonely. So, inspired by engravings in Dure’s Crusades, I decided to try my hand at painting this picture with watercolors.

The painting turned out soooo well and it reminded me of a fresco! I stood up to admire the painting -I’d been sitting on the carpet -and I knocked over a glass of water ONTO the Painting. Damp watercolors and water = swirling paint. The painting was ruined. “Pride cometh before the fall” is what popped into my head at that moment and I laughed.

And I started again and finished right before leaving to back the States. I gave the painting to one of the boys, one of my fans.

Back in the States, the painting would not leave my mind, so I decided to try bring it to life one more time.

During the summer, in between college, I decided to avoid movies and do art while listening to books on tape – Nero Wolf kept me company- and so bit by bit the painting came out.

Finished, it’s kept me company and encouraged my in my daily battles ever since.

It’s been a favorite of mine because it sums up my life and what my college gave me: a Christ centered life. I hope this brings you the same encouragement and joy it has given me!

Would you like replicase of it? I am taking order for prints, canvases, and cards! Contact me with what you would like!

Thanks so much for reading! Please give this a like if you enjoyed it and feel free to share it with others! Christus Vincit!

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