Filling up the tank

Creativity relies upon a surplus of good ideas and imagination.

It’s necessary to keep that tank of ideas and imagination full to the brim.

Little kids can teach us a lot about how to keep that tank full.

True story.

They have their duties they do, sure, but then most of their day is spent playing, exploring their interests.

Sister IZ.

To the extent their will power is developed, they will explore those interests more deeply.

After intensely working on my commission projects and a friend’s baby present, my tank felt a little empty and dry.

An inspiration came to go and explore and dabble in watercolors. I went on a bike ride down to the Kansas river, and climbed down to the shore with my paint kit.


The work wasn’t fantastic…it was so hot and blazing, making it hard to concentrate, and I just wasn’t feelin’ it. But it was so fun and relaxing just to paint for no reason other than the joy and love of doing it.

Dragon fly on a stick.

Later that week I went on a camping adventure with my sisters. It was pretty primitive, but right by the water, where we could swim, play, and explore.

We each brought a hobby along to ‘play’ with and I was able to capture a quick sketch of one of them playing her ukulele, strumming and singing by the shore.

Here she is, wrapped up in her beach towel, after jumping in the the lake.

By the end of that adorable scene, the creative tank felt refilled, almost brimming over.

Now, I am really looking forward to getting back to work.

Making time to play does really does pay off.

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