Being Bold

Being bold requires going against the flow.

It requires attacking a weakness, often directing attention to that weakness in the effort to address it.

This past weekend our community came together, thanks to a wonderful individual, to celebrate The 4th of July by means of a small festival down at our city park.

My little sisters were asked to do a lemonade stand. The rest of us packed a picnic and sat with them. Their stand was home base for us.

The thing about festivals is though, unless you have a particular group of people to walk around and hang out with, they can get a little dull after a while. It is fun to sit and people watch, but that’s all I usually end up doing.

I also recognize that it’s also not wanting to get out of one’s comfort zone and go do something that might require effort.

The entire day leading up to the festival I kept thinking about doing timed portraits down there.

I’m not very good with faces, and I know I need to work on it. So I thought, what if I just did timed portraits for free and just had fun working on improving that way?

So after sitting down at the festival for a while, and some thinking and talking about it, I just decided to strike out and do it.

I went home and got a bunch of blank paper, and some pencils, and got the thumbs up to sit by my sisters’ lemonade booth.

Whoever would come up and get lemonade, I asked if they would like a timed portrait of themselves for free.

The takers were kids, and there were two large groups of them that wanted it done together!

The pictures you see within this post are the fruits of the labor. Granted, not all the faces look very much like the people, but it was sure worthwhile interacting with each of the kids they sat to get their portraits done.

I would do it again.

And, if I didn’t at least get better at what I tried to do, I certainly got more confident doing it! Acting with confidence is a key part to doing something well.

It pays to be bold!

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Usually there’s a lot more artwork to share, and there is! I’ve been working on my very first commission, but I decided to wait until the final work is complete before sharing any photos of the process. It’s been a very educational journey!

Can’t wait to share it with you when it’s all done!

#bebold #draw #portraits #kidsarethebest

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