The Fruit of Mini Habits

Nearly two months of drawing and painting every day for at least 10 minutes has snowballed into finishing a gift for my parents’ 33rd wedding anniversary.

So here it is before it’s scanned for reproductions…the yellow gold encircles the whole picture -I just cut it off in the photo.

See the slideshow to see the image from start to finish!

I claim imperfection here! There’s so much I learned while doing it -practice sketches and studies would have made the biggest difference. Gouache quality is a huge factor. Consistent lighting quality.

But the idea o just doing a little bit at a time made the work look a little less rushed and more consistent and careful. Glad of that!

Reflection/explanation of the piece coming soon!

I’m looking for a good name for this piece of work…any suggestions?

Do you have any hobbies that you’ve steadily been chipping away at? Please share your stories and photos with me @parvapons on Instagram and Facebook!

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