Toss Some Variety into That Habit

Sometimes the everyday grind needs alternatives. The everyday grind can quickly land you into a rut. A dull and muddy one. But you want to keep your zesty edge, right?

You need help to ensure you keep the habits, but also you need to detach and be rejuvenated as well. Or maybe you don’t have any time for the way you would normally do your hobby, so you try and fit something in that seems like it.

That’s the way it’s been this month. Either too intensely working on The Old Fave, or so busy and tired by the end of the day that it’s hard to justify dragging all the paint stuff out again.

The painting I am working on -the Old Fave- has had a life and mind of it’s own. I don’t want to crush it with the desire to be done and move on to the next thing, so I have tried to make other ways to draw and paint when I need a break. Work offered a perfect opportunity.

Co-teaching an outdoor program to middle school boys requires me keeping a nature journal, which compliments my resolution to intentionally sit down and draw or paint 15-20mintures a day.

The woodpecker has been incredibly fascinating!

Did you know that the red-tailed hawk is known also a red eagle?

So confession time: there were a few days where I didn’t art in the way I usually do.

One time I was so tired and tired of ‘wrestling’ with my other painting, that I let my whiteboard doodling time be my drawing time. They delighted my roommates! 😉

And then another day I didn’t do anything. Yep, that’s right. I finally got back into my room at the end of a long day, tired and realized that a nights sleep would be better to check off.

It was with a sad, heavy heart that I struck through the drawing and painting part of my habit tracker. It was a very peculiar feeling -almost as though I had betrayed someone I loved. Wonder why that was so?

But, the extra sleep makes everything better. Sometimes retreating is the best way to live to fight another day! I’ve been able to plug away at the Old Fave, which I’ll publish in an separate post.

Anyway, I hope that you all have had a good week!

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