The Fruits of Others

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This week I’d like to share with you a few stories of other people who make time to do that which makes them feel more alive happy about life.

Raphael, The Next

This young man, Raphael, when he’s not doing weekly studio sessions with me, is always doing sketching or painting. His mom captured him here painting on the deck with his little sister, while trying to memorize a section of G.K. Chesterton’s Lepanto. Wonderful, isn’t it? What else would you do during a warm day here in Kansas?!

Local Arting

My friends and colleagues, Jane and Mary-Clare, met up with another friend at our local cafe, MJ’s just to sketch for a little bit. Mary-Clare, in the center has been trying to fit in just a few minutes each day. Her habit sparked this little meeting of friends.


They shared with me their pictures, but by chance, I happened to be driving by when they were just leaving MJ’s and they definitely looked like they had a good time!


And last not least, this beautiful lady, Lisa, happened to be at a cafe where I had just sat down to write this post.

Seeing other people drawing and painting -doing any sort of art or craft in public- makes my mouth water. I couldn’t resist indulging in a closer look. After striking up a conversation, I asked if I could share her story on this blog. Lisa was gracious enough to say yes.

I asked her if she had gone to school for this and she said that she had been a stay-at home-mom (home manager! ☺) and had always done other domestic crafts, but never drawing and painting. One day, her husband recommended that she take a class for it. She did, and then took several more. And she’s only grown in it since then.

A beautiful face, brought into existence by Lisa’s hand

When I asked her how she nurtures her talent (hidden for so long), besides taking classes on and off, she said whenever she has a few hours in between things, she comes down to Juli’s cafe, plugs in to a favorite thing to listen to, and is drawn into her project. Lately, she’s been trying to perfect the face, so Marylyn Monroe’s portrait is her work in progress. Beautiful, isn’t it?

A huge thanks to Raph and his parents, Mary-Clare, Jane, and Todd, and to Lisa for letting me share their stories and work! It takes a lot to be vulnerable and let other people see your work, but it’s so encouraging to the rest of us!

Do you have any stories and picture’s you’d like to share? Please share below!

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2 thoughts on “The Fruits of Others

  1. I enjoyed this post a lot. It shows that your work is spreading vigor to those around you. Thank you for sharing your art and insights.


    1. Thanks so much, Nicole! It’s also a sign that there’s more like-minded people out there who feed upon the same food of needing to drawing and paint! 😉 Hope you have been able to fit a little into your journals!


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