Yuletide Sketches

Yuletide has brought a lot of business, and also warm gatherings. The activity took me away from drawing, and instead creativity was given to decorating and making gifts.

But after Christmas, all its preparations accomplished, I felt the itch to bring something into existence on paper. I decided to actually set a timer to make sure I sketched for at least ten minutes, and brought out the smiling face of the boy pictured above. (I wish the person holding him came out better!)

I love being with people that mean a lot to me, but sketching moments with and around those people really help me to chill and partake of everything. After Christmas caroling about town, warming up, and chit-chatting, our friends broke into music and song in our living room, and so I broke out the only instrument I am proficient with -my pencil! šŸ˜‰

Hope you enjoy the moments captured above!

Thanks for reading and I wish each of you a blessed New Year and a joyful Christmastide!

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