Afternoon Sittings

This week has been a challenging one to keep up the daily habit of drawing. The wrapping up of a good Christmas break here, and sickness has made me a little loathe to put pencil to paper at times. But, discipline is the source of a good habit, so I tried to make time count in a genuinely enjoyable way. True to the title above, the entries below were made in the afternoon.

The first two photos above show a recently begun watercolor project. It’s the view of our historic St. Marys Academy from upper campus. Most of my works lately have all been quick sketches, but I’d like to take some time to capture some beautiful views of this gem of a campus in a more finished way. My beginnings were made accompanied by the warm sunshine, a wool blanket, and some mulled wine. Now, who said drawing wasn’t fun?!

The portrait is a sketch of my sister’s fiance. The family had a nice time on Sunday sitting around and visiting, and my fidgeting fingers attempted to capture his likeness. His eyes came out well enough, but theres something off about his mouth in the sketch that doesn’t do credit to him in person… something to work on at the next little gathering.

The last two are sketches from my bullet journal, a newly applied habit. The quotes I was reading at the time really inspired me and the images I saw in my head insisted on popping out on paper, at a time when I didn’t have my sketchbook with me. Bullet journals are great for that!

So, in hindsight, not bad for a week! James Clear says in his weekly emails: “1% better every day!” This small phrase carries deep impact, and has been a source of motivation for me! I do hope you are all well and that this entry encourages you to keep up the good habits you’re try to form!

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One thought on “Afternoon Sittings

  1. I knew automatically who the person was in your sketch! 😁 It’s tough to make time when things feel hectic. Glad you’re pushing through!


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