Deviating from the Path

Hello my friends, I hope this first week of may is finding you well!

Painting in the Local Jungle

This week, I’d like to show you what I have been doing art-wise when I am not working on the Camino Project.

I take either a teeny little sketch book or watercolor book with me and it goes into my purse or bag wherever I go.

Call it my life support.

It kinda is.

It helps me slow down and see and appreciate what is before me.

On the left-hand side was an outing with a friend, while on the other were two very different sketches of my sister on a family outing.

It helps me find the adventure in the every day.

“Vacate et videte.” -Be still and see.

Sitting in a coffee shop with friends led to a visit with the Holy of Holies, our bestest Friend.

It is through taking the time to recreate reality and capture it in a beautiful way that I can see, know, love what is in the present moment.

A friend and I grabbed a beer here the night before our marathon. (Si, we were able to still run our race!) And we need to go back for another round!

The picture below was composed over several ten-minute slots of time. It was literally breaking my heart that I wasn’t able to do more artwork, so during my lunch breaks, I started and finished this.

Over the Rooftops: my home office view. This was composed over several lunch breaks.

Who says one’s terra firma can’t be a source of inspiration?!

There are a few more spreads to share with you in this little sketchbook, but I’ll wait till maybe next week.

A business trip and a travel delay brought about some unexpected encounters, and some of the highlights are captured in those pages. Within 24 hours, I not only had many neat experiences, but I also had several new paintings, which I shared with two international fellow travelers.

Needless to say, I came back from that trip more convicted that I must capture the adventures around me.

Question for you: what is your life-giving activity?

Thank you so much for reading!

If you enjoyed this and are interested in some tools to help you with your adventures in capturing beauty, check out these products below. (Note: when you click the link below, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.)

This little notebook will make your mouth water as soon as your fingers feel it’s smooth yet toothy 100% cotton surface.

And this guy, he’s the best portable studio ever!

Both these tools fit well into my cute backpack-purse!

2 thoughts on “Deviating from the Path

  1. Love your layout and your sketchbook…and really just your entire process! My favorite tidbit has to be the snow blasting into the window! Instant chills!

    Liked by 1 person

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