Some great views

We have gone through Lent. We have reached the peak of Easter, and now can walk along the summit and enjoy the pleasing views from way up high. We enjoy not only the celebration of Easter tide, but also the parallel beauty of nature in spring.

I’ve including several entries here, because I lost time last week with technological glitches. Still having them, but finding a way around them at least for this purpose!

I hope you enjoy!

Easter was a glorious feast, and I spent the morning at some friends house. The lady of

the house and I went foraging the day before for grand bouquets- I couldn’t help painting her masterpiece and capturing her in the kitchen in a peaceful, quiet moment.

The bouquet.
Dans la cuisine.

Sometime before Easter I had gone on a hike with another set of friends, and again foraging was made you serve… I discovered reishi mushrooms!

Meet a wee Mr. Reishi.

The scene below was painted with water from the lake!

At the lake.

I always like to share some thoughts that I had while I was painting… this day was no exception. (Not to mention, it helps balance out the page layout! 😝)

Here’s the whole layout:

Before Easter, to break up the monotony and hardship of Lent, mother church gives us Laetare Sunday!

The evening was spent at the same friends’ house, a prefigurement of Easter!

There are tender moments in a family that are a treasure to capture and give one cause to chuckle- and rejoice!

Well, my friends, I hope that you are having a lovely time after Easter!

Thank you for reading!

No Amazon recommendations this time…please say a prayer I get my tech stuff figured out!

Have a lovely week!

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