When a Traveler Gets Sick

Sickness for an adventurer can either be depressing, or another adventure. Being in the habit of finding something beautiful to capture wherever I go has made me delight in many an ordinary scene while I have been sick the last week and a half.

And so the ordinary scenes of every day sick life with patient observation, were filled with charming moments.

One day, I saw the geese flying overhead.

Another day after snow covered the ground, I saw the junior-high girls sledding down the Loyola hill in giant trash bags.

They looked like giant ragdolls in their floppy silhouettes; it was quite comical.

The next day, the snow had all melted and it was quite windy with the temperature change.

I happened to glance out my bedroom window and saw the principle of the girls’ school flying a kite with some of his students and one of the teachers.

It was quite a fatherly sight!

Every day when I go get water from the water dispenser on our floor, I glance out the window through which you can see the sunrise.

It also is a glimpse out onto the rest of Loyola’s East wing: Pigeon Hangout. It’s quite a classy joint with the gargoyles, and the other architectural embellishments.

Yesterday, while filling my water pitcher, I saw a pigeon perching on the gargoyle. I had been hoping for two years to see something like that! Quite a perk for a sickie!

The pigeons didn’t seem too comfortable at me standing looking out the window directly at them, and they constantly fluttered up and landed somewhere else.

Here I was able to catch a pigeon in flight.

Moments like these make the present moment truly a gift, and like the adventures just keep going, but in a different way!

I hope you stay well and healthy!

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