On our Knees

Each January 22 nearly a thousand or more members of our town come together to pray a pro life 15 decade rosary.

I was torn between praying and drawing, so I made a decision just to snap a picture of some thing that sparked creative joy in me and then focused on praying.

Afterwards, I walked home and thawed out with some cocoa and hot soup, and while bonding with my family, I sketched the scene while it was fresh in my mind and began to paint it.

I captured our Rector alongside some of his flock.

Overall, I’m happy with it, but now see the need to practice painting road scenes at night!

Thank you for reading and looking! I hope you enjoyed it.

#Watercolor #UrbanSketching #WatercolorJournaling #UrbanSketch #Midwives #MidwestLiving #ProLife #endAbortion #OurLady #Catholic #WindsorAndNewton #Artist

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