Around the Bend with Mishka

Christmas Day has come and gone, but hopefully you still are enjoying your gifts! This urban scene from our town was my gift painted for my parents.

I wanted Dad and Mom to have something that portrayed a scene in our life here in Saint Mary’s. It was to be a sign of my appreciation for their support and encouragement during the last couple months as I began to seriously develop my artistic talents.

A while ago I did a haphazard version of this picture and my dad commented that he really liked the blue sky with the leaves better than the original “Around the Bend.”

My mom had said that in all my paintings of around the town I ought to include something familiar to us or to locals. You know, “I spy” sort of details. Kind of like inside jokes for us locals.

So, pictured here is driving around the bend when you first come into town.

It’s a chance meeting between my mom in our Toyota van with some of the kids in the car, and dad passing by in his white pick-up truck with Mishka, our English mastiff in the back.

Dad and Mishka are common site around town.

In the background you can see a little red Toyota Echo with it’s Welsh flag on the front.

Dad and Mom both enjoyed the painting. It’s pretty large, nearly 15 x 20” on beautiful cold pressed Saunders Waterford paper from England.

The only thing is, I had only two days to really work on the painting due to some mismanagement of time.

I am so grateful that the painting turned out, and I look forward to one day giving my parents a painting that poured out easily and without pressure!

Hope you enjoy these pictures during production mode, and of the final product!

Thank you for reading, and please share or like if you enjoyed this!

Prints, cards, and other products are available of this picture.

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