Boys will be Boys

When a teacher is sick, the sub takes over. Visions of nightmares can ensue if there’s disorder, but on one particular occasion last November, this teacher got a rare treat from her sub.

Mrs. Isermann is a boys school substitute and monitor for St. Mary’s Academy. While I was sick for two weeks, she covered the majority of my sick time.

Not only is Mrs. Iserman a mom and longtime mother of boys, but she also does a great job keeping order in the classroom.

One day she sent me a photo of my eighth grade boys at work on a outdoor project I had planned. Both were out in the autumn air, or what was left of it here in Kansas.

I loved the photo so much that that evening it’s image just left my hands and traveled through the brush and paint onto paper.

In my eyes it captured the ability of boys to focus when they are set up on some thing interesting. The picture also shows them completely themselves, yet bearing themselves with dignity, lost in their work, surrounded by some of our campus beauty.

For me it was very encouraging because I had been struggling on the SMAC campus map commission and felt as though I had a block of some sort. Doing this one out of pure love, really restored my confidence!

Hope you enjoyed it!

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Cards and prints of this are available! Email to order!

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