The Immaculata Rising

In our little ‘adopted’ town of St. Marys, KS we are building a new, historical church. It is a beautiful romanesque monument dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

And its rising from the prairie earth deserves to be captured in a special way beyond the typical camera lens.

Mrs. Becky Quain and her colleagues in the art department at St. Mary’s Academy have issued a challenge to capture the Building of the Immaculata over the next several years.

That challenge is to record this historical event in an art journal via drawing, painting, diagramming the gradual finishing of this magnificent church.

At the end of two years the people partaking in the challenge will turn in their journals. The best in each category will receive some sort of recognition for their achievements.

So I have taken up the gauntlet, as you can see via these pictures.

Would you be interested in joining a monthly club that meets and draws the new Immaculata as she progresses?

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