The Mini Map

Saturday saw the completion of the mini map of SMAC campus. You can read all about the historic campus here in the original blog post on this project.

I’m always terrified inside when I have to sit down and start what I consider to be the final part of a project.

The initial sketch is what my client review for approval and tweaking before I begin the final painting. Whether it’s a paid commission or a making gift for a dear friend, in my head I think “I don’t want to have to do this again, so this has got to be the best no matter what.”

Of course, that’s rather unrealistic. Nothing is perfect here on earth, and with such an attitude, one is only setting up oneself for failure and disappointment.

Thanks to a good friend’s advice, I dove in with the attitude to have fun with the project, and told my self that if worse came to worse, I could always redo it.

Several hours later, I was very grateful and happy with it.

My clients have seen it and expressed great satisfaction with it, now it’s just waiting for detailed feedback before moving on to the big final painting!

Thanks for reading! If you’re interested in the campus and a huge project of hope, checking and for more information about my historic subject.

Did you like this? Please let me know, and thank-you so much for following me up to now!

2 thoughts on “The Mini Map

  1. I wish now I would’ve looked around campus more when I was there in August. But, I spent too much time visiting with a great artist at the Historic Stone Bridge, NW of town. I’ll need to come back sometime.


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