Tangled Times and Peaceful Moments

Life makes us feel so tangled up sometimes. Especially right now.

Everything is uncertain.

We feel so constrained.

Frustrated that unseen ropes bind us.

And within our own country we are reaching the point of explosion.

How long do we have to put up with this?

We want to be law-abiding citizens, but we want to have normal lives and social interaction.

And so, frizzled with frustration we plop down on our beach, tangled in our own nets, eyes brimming with warm, angry tears, head hanging in humiliation while the dawn quietly blooms, and the water gently laps a few feet away.

And then suddenly, there’s a peaceful silence.

Someone has descended and kneels in front of us.

Brown, gentle hands moved deftly, surely, and touch the bound feet.

One, by one, the knots are undone.

Gingerly, yet astounded we look up.

It’s Him.

Eyes meet.

Nothing else matters, except this moment.

“I am with you always.”

The look. Infinite goodness pours out of those soul-quieting eyes. The look penetrates and enfolds us.

He is, and that is enough.

This picture came to me during my morning ritual of coffee and scripture. I had read the psalm -I still have to look up which one it was- and the entire picture, lighting and all “downloaded” into my brain.

That was back in December when I was trying to figure out what path to commit to in life. Everything seemed so uncertain and obstacles seemed to fan the flames of impatience. When I read those lines “My eyes are always turned towards the Lord because he himself draws my feet from the net,” instant understanding and assurance penetrated me.

It became my title page for my planner/bullet journal.

Now, as we face a trial as a town, as a state, as a country, as a world, this piece called to be illuminated.

I wasn’t sure how I should do it, so I decided not to pressure myself, but just decided to do a few drafts of it in the midst of other projects.

I am really grateful how gentle and caring Christ’s face came out in this version, and all the coloring was perfect too.

This is the first draft. The second ended up being scrapped and I am in the midst of a third. We’ll see how it goes!

Thanks for reading; I hope it helped you and that Christ will come to dwell with you this Holy Week and Eastertide.

#peace #coronavirus #covid19 #paint #illuminatedart #psalms #Godiswithu #Lent #Holyweek #passiontide #Easter #resurrection #spring #fishing #lifeisamess

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