More Fruits of Others

Hope you all are well in this boat that we’re all in, The Pandemic. While our healthcare providers, other essential workers, and dear parents have been doing over and above their part, many of us have been working from home.

The isolation hasn’t been fun.

Kinda depressing at times!

But there’s been a silver lining for sure. Many of you have shared with me that you have been finding more time to slow down and doing things that really matter to you.

With permission, I was able to share the following tidbits of other people’s hobbies. I hope they inspire, motivate, and cheer you as much as they did me!

I have a little sister; she likes directing people and is a bit of a Mozart when it comes to hearing music and then being able to pluck it out on her ukulele or piano. The other day she etched this out in pencil.

It surprised me because for someone who usually gets so impatient with drawing, she put so much detail into it! I wonder if it’s because it had to do with music?

Recently two friends of mine, both teachers, got married.

He’s a high school and college math professor, while she is a very talented artist (I can’t wait to share her work in another fun post).

In between our time away from our students and trying to figure out distance learning for them, he, after much encrouagement from his wife and friends took pencil to paper, then brush to paint, and voila! The above picture was born: not bad for a first time ever!

Then another evening, he grew rather bold.

The single, empty beer bottle in front of him called to him.

It spoke.

And he listened.

It asked to be immortalized.

He once again, in spite of little experience in this sort of quest, took pencil to paper, then brush to paint, and, once again voila:

Once again, he again amazed his wife and friends with the above manly picture.

Another friend, and the sister-in-law of the above budding artist, has made plenty of time for oil painting in between remotely working on her textile engineering degree and indulging in domestic goddess activities out in North Carolina.

Here she is at the dining room table, everyone’s all purpose studio.

She’s copying Rembrandt’s painting from 1633, “The Storm on the Sea of Galilee.” This painting was stolen in the 90’s and hasn’t been found yet. The link here give’s you more insight into the biggest art theft in history! (By the bye, if you’re up for an entertaining older movie, How to Steal a Million, with Peter O’Toole and Audrey Hepburn, is a light comedy on an art theft.)

The group in the boat in the stormy sea seems like a wonderful analogy to our times. Christ calms the storm, after his apostles woke him, anxious that they were about to perish. We worry too about the next order to come, the thunderous, impending doom of the media, and what will the morrow look like, but in the big picture, it’s okay…God’s got us all in his hand.

Christ is God: He’s with us, among us. He’s got us invisibly by the hand, even though life rages round us, threatening to break our childlike faith.

We can be afraid, frustrated, like little children, or scared apostles, as long as we can turn to him to give him the trust that he’s got it all taken care of in his way.

Anyway, those are the connections I made when I saw her work and the subject matter. One of the reasons why I love art! (Hope that wasn’t too preachy for you!)

Not too bad, eh?!

Isn’t it coming along so well?

Really inspiring, I must say!

She’s using the traditional method where you put down the gesso first, and then paint on top of that, just like Rembrandt would have centuries ago.

Doesn’t the painting just seem to leap out of the picture?

From what my friend was saying, it’s like having to paint the painting twice, but the gesso adds so much texture and makes the painting come more alive.

Well, that’s all for now.

I hope you enjoyed these snippets of what others are doing in my circles! If you have any hobbies you’re working on in the department of calligraphy, painting, or drawing, please do let me know and I’d love to feature the most uplifting of what I receive each month!

Have any friends who would be interested? Let them know and pass this on!

Cheers and God bless for now.

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