A little closer…

Daily, intentional, hobby habits are moving this painting project along, with some challenges still to overcome!

Here’s what I had a few days ago.

And here’s what I have now:

A lot done, but also a lot of raw stuff going on. One of those embarrassing to share moments; but this is what makes doing anything a beneficial journey.

I had planned to mimic the original work [see last photo below] but, I couldn’t do it. Something inside me said that this painting had to be different from the other. That instinct would not be silenced. And it said to turn the arches into pillars with capitals, much like the pillars one sees in the cloisters of medieval monasteries.

So, I googled romanesque architecture and got some ideas, and then pulled out my travel journal from Rome and went straight to my photos and a watercolor from St. John Lateran’s cloister:

With an image in mind, I gingerly started what looked like ruining the work I had already done.

What you see now will hopefully be transformed into peacefully arching pillars with simple capitals.

This project certainly has been a labor of love.

Ever have those days where is just feels like you’re forcing something, but you know to stop would be to ruin the momentum, or fall into the rut of making the excuse ‘I didn’t feel like it…”? That’s what it has felt like this week regarding this project. But a whole lot has been learned in doing this and persevering, and it makes me love this painting even more!

Look forward to an in depth look at each section and sharing my favorite parts with you over the next two days!

Here’s the original, for reference.

Sigh. So clean, crisp, and finished.

Trying not to wish the same about it’s reproduction. It’ll be very rewarding once it’s done I’m sure…or at least a lot of lessons learned!

#challenges #art #medieval #romanesque #atomichabits #hobbies #youvegotit

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