The Redoing Continued

This week has been spent rather dutifully, chipping away, or in this case, brushing away at the redoing of my old favorite, pictured below:

I’m learning a lot redoing it, and especially as I edit the pictures to put on this blog. For instance, I see that working in small blocks of time, while telling self to slow down and be patient in that time has really brought out a more refined product. Another thing I see is that I really need to research better brushstroke technique!

For this project I am painting with gouache, mixed with a little watercolor, all on watercolor paper.

For more information, check out this blogpost to read all about the meaning behind the above picture.

My favorite so far is the archer, and his leafy tree. So much better than the first one, Deo gratias. The deer needs a little help. And I am scared to do the monk and his illuminated letter. It’s like climbing a mountain and getting to the most treacherous part, right below the summit: you make, you got it, but if you make one wrong move…may your attempt rest in peace.

Not very optimistic, but it’s reality. The more reality is that God’s the real power behind this project: those hard parts make me really lean on Him.

Thanks so much for reading, and say a prayer that the next week’s work comes out well. Can’t wait to show it to you!

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