Paint Crystals!

A week ago we had a lovely snowfall, and so the next morning, bright and sunny, brought a white wonderland. Walking about, I looked for a spot where I’d try and capture the beauty of snowy morn by ‘sketching’ with my paints. My sit spot by the creek provided a lovely view. So, I sat down in the snow (very bundled up), laid out my things on top of the white icy surface, and began, my breath coming out in white steamy puffs. I got an outline of the winding creek completed (see the picture below) and then as I began to start adding details, I noticed little flecks occurring in the pallet, as well as on the paper. It looks as thought the paper were pilling! But on closer inspection, I found out that they were ice crystals! (In the top picture can be seen the various formations.) Snow cones came to mind. Too bathe paints weren’t potable and flavored! I decided that was God’s way of saying, “Be satisfied with your sketch and sit back and enjoy the view -you can add the details later.” There was something quite wondrous and amusing in the idea of me trying to paint an image of God’s creation before me, and yet His Creation taking over my paint through the crystallization of the water!

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