Our Story, The Snake, and Hope for Our World

We are all part of a great story. We are connected, intertwined together.

History is the story of us, mankind, and God’s plan for our salvation. You and I came from that invisible reality. Even in this moment we are held in the hands of God. He desires to be constantly united with each of us as a lover thinks of his beloved, and this earth is a preparation for that blissful embrace.

There are invisible forces at work who are hell bent to ensure you and I and all of our brothers and sisters who have ever existed never experience loving relationships based on our nature and Everlasting Happiness.

There’s a lot packed into this latest spread, but it is all connected to our origin story up to the present moment.

This travelogue painting is my ‘digestion’ of three big events from last March…the only way I could process it was to paint it. And it seemed so terribly important to capture.

(Note: the author understands that all readers might not be coming from her perspective and understanding this reality. She hopes that what is read is taken in the best possible way as she condemns no one, and hopes only that the readers’ minds be filled with the peace and wisdom of the Holy Spirit.)

The three big events were:

  • The War in the Ukraine
  • The Consecration of Russia and the Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope and bishops of the world.
  • The discovery of over 100 bodies of baby humans on their way to be burned for energy at an electricity plant.

In this first section you see Adam [with Eve, who looks rather like a pickle according to some friends].

He’s throwing the historic apple core at a certain slithering serpent, which is conveniently disappearing through the map of time and history [see below], leaving Adam and Eve to experience the grief and anger created by their choices.

You can read the story in Genesis, the first book of the Bible.

In the beginning, God created angels and men to freely choose the good. As ancient tradition goes, Lucifer, (which means ligthbearer), was the brightest of all the angels. He got a little conceited with his shining greatness.

At God’s idea of angels serving men as their guardians he said “Non serviam,” “I will not serve,” and fled from God and his plan.

Since then he’s been hell bent on dragging everyone and everything else down to his circle of darkness with him.

Want to know his tactics?

Go to Genesis in the Bible and study his conversation with Eve in the Garden.

He sows doubt, fear, isolation disguised as independence…the longterm effects are grief, sadness, and not happiness.

In fact, it’s worth looking the fruits of God (the Holy Spirit) in Galations 5:22-23. If the devil hates all that God is, then where these fruits are lacking, you can be sure to identify the mark of the beastly serpent.

Charity (Love is willing the good of self, of others): absence of it is hate, wanting evil, bad things to happen.

Joy: absence of it is sadness, a certain deadness of spirit.

Peace (the tranquility of order): absence of it is disorder, chaos, confusion.

Patience: absence of it is lack of understanding, reactiveness, anger

Benignity (kindness): absence of it is a lack of kindness, courtesy, and intolerance with others.

Goodness: absence of it is choosing that which is bad, evil.

Longanimity (-say that 10 times fast!- aka, bearing wrongs patiently, forbearance, long suffering): absence of it is impatience with what the present moment holds.

Mildness (gentle in behavior): without it, people are harsh, unmerciful, severe.

Faith (aka: belief and fidelity in and to promises, basically trust). Without it people are inconstant, distrustful, and doubtful even fearful.

Modesty (what is appropriate in a situation): absence of it leads to drawing excessive attention to oneself, objectification of self and others, lack of dignity and self-worth, flaunting.

Continency, aka, self-restraint: without it, one has no self-restraint sexually or other-wise.

Chastity (this is the habit of practicing personal integrity with the most intimate parts of their body: using one’s own body properly as realtes to their duty of state.) Without it, people use their bodies and others’ insatiably and personal intergrity crumbles.

These fruits come from one big single virtue: HOPE.

“The faith that I love the best, says God, is hope.”

Charles Peguy

If we do not hope in the existence of a loving heavenly father and eternal happiness, hope in the belief that we are on a path there, that there is some reward for all that we endure, will we have any incentive to bear the hardships of life well?

Satan has no hope: he damned himself in his selfish choice.

Creatures of God are still able to be choose God up until our last breath. Satan hates us for this: the more he can weaken, divide us, and break us from a chance at happiness, he will.

We’ve killed so many innocent lives af varied age and race, disregarding the value of innocent humans.

What better way for us humans to divide themselves, like Satan did way back when he had the choice to choose between believing that God’s plan was good, or running away from it, creature against Creator. Forgetting ourselves, setting ourselves up like gods…

Forgetfulness of place wreaks havoc on nature on every level.

The rage of war blinds men. Materialistic ideas persuade men that they have the right to kill innocent human life.

The last thing that Satan wants

is for humans to experience what he has lost:

loving relationships with ourselves, those around us, God, and eternal happiness.

I hope this post somehow reveals another perspective of how to look at the suffering going on in the world.

You and I are part of this, and even though the serpent slithers on trying to blind mankind, we are still in the hands of God.

Mary of Nazareth, the new Eve, said “Fiat”, yes, to God, and gave the world our redeemer, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our god-man hero suffered, gave us his mother, and died for us.

With this together they gave man a chance at heaven, bringing grace to souls dead thorugh Adam’s sin.

Christ rose from the dead and because of this victory, and Mary’s yes, we have much to hope for.

Painting this image was the only way I could process the horrible photos I saw in March.

This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday, where the Catholic Church celebrates the Holy Spirit descending upon Our Lady and the Apostles, filling them with Himself so that they could set fire to the world with the Word of God.

May he fill you and me with himself as well, so that we may have the ‘juice’ needed to come at last to our heavenly home with all of our friends and loved ones!

Immaculata, Mary, who’s Queenship is celebrated today, grant us this, and peace to us and our poor broken world!

Thanks so much for reading!

Before you leave, browse these books, please! (Note: when you click the above photo-link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Click, and you’re the best! )

This book does a good job explaining how Our Lady is the New Eve if you’d like more info on it, or to know how to explain it to others (my sister and I have used it for apologetics):

This book does a good job telling the story of why the Pope’s Consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart was so important -it’s an easy read:

In this book some gripping research shows the demonic reality of what has happened in our world, and particularly in our country, for over the last 100 years:

Happy Feast day and have a good week!

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