Interior Essentialism

Is there a connection between essentialism and distractions?

Just like some of us “KonMari” to find what is not essential in our lives, so we can do that with our thoughts. It takes practice, and sometimes being honest with ourselves regarding our physical goods, helps us to be so with our interior world.

Now, this idea has been gradually burbling up over the years.

But it came to a head on a particular day in this Camino de Immaculata.

Keep reading to see more artwork and the connection between essentialism and purity.

On Day 32 wrote in my travelogue: So many distractions at Mass! And so many negative yucky thoughts of other people’s negative thoughts! 

Thank God Fr. Jaque Philippe’s words came flitting through my head “Evil comes to fill a gap…Our Lady…pure…full of grace.” I don’t want to have room for these negative thoughts!

Then came the peaceful suggestion why don’t you take this idea as your new motto?

The motto literally dropped into my head: “Do you have room for this?”

What is this? Whatever thoughts enter into my head.

Take the time to examine each thought. Is that thought something that I want to take up space in my soul? Do I want that in the vessel that I carry into eternity?

Purity: it’s more than just something relating to our flesh -it is what we allow to take up space in us period. Pure means something whole and entire -untainted -what do we want to be full of? 

“Evil is negative, good is positive.” “Evil comes to fill a gap.” Make no room for evil. 

BUT, take the time to see what “This” thing is.

When we, like good managers, stewards, are taking inventory of our possessions, visible or invisible, some items require very little thought, others require more pondering and reflection.

To get rid of things blindly is not prudent, sometimes, you need to look more into why we keep having those thoughts.

For now though, just realizing what we want our ourselves to be full of, and really, conciously rejecting that which taints the pure mixture, this leads to a very simple, satisfying and airy interior.

When things are clean, simple, and open, one notices more beautiful details. It’s when things are dark and cluttered and loud and noisy that the most simple, essential things are never notcied.

When I was out at Kanza Prairie Preserve, I came upon this view. It was so relateble to this entry!

Out on the prarie this time of year, the burns have commenced. The farmers and caretakers literally clean out, purify the old dead growth on the prairie with fire. What is dead is quickly consumed, and what is still living and green with hope survives.

With the old carcasses removed, the new grasses and wildflowers can flourish even more prolificly.

And so it is with us.

As we take up our spring cleaning, let’s take stock of what’s inside us: is it essential to what we want to be there? “Does it spark joy?” Have you room for this? Remember, “Evil comes to fill the gap.”

Mind the gap please, and fill it full with the right stuff.

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