Geese are Everywhere!

Once upon a time there were giant masses of arctic geese that migrate every year from way up north, not too far from the North Pole. Each winter they fly south and make their home on the prairies of Kansas.

An illustration from my January Calendar: going out to fallowed fields.

We hear them flying overhead early in the morning at dawn, all day long, and especially in the evening as they make their way to their nesting grounds for the night. Mishka, the family’s English Mastiff, and I see them quite often when we take our daily walks or when we are out working in the fields. Literally.

The following poem was inspired by themes of wintering and the geese. It burbled up while driving to [former] work one day.

Keep reading to see all the geese inspired pictures, our outdoor office, and the poem!


Fallow, fallow, fallow lies the field. 

The Geese fly over snowy heights.





Yet broken.

The Geese at night.

Swoops down now

Great shoals of Arctic birds 

Upon the fallow fields. 

They land on the clods that are still unbroken, 

Picking away at the earth

What there’s still to yield, 

And what was thought barren and empty.

The Geese throughout a day -with Mishka not concerned in the least.

This great roaring shifting shoal,

Like a swirling swarming tornado,

That forms in the swirling heights

Turns round and round:

Swarming curling airborne masses

Wait to land on their own clod of earth.

I want to make a better study of this dramatic yet calming scene.

A big thanks to Fr. de la Tour for sharing his knowledge and love of the geese.

The office this week.

Thanks so much for reading!

The first geese of this season.

When you click the pictures-link below, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks so much for helping me!

Click on the pictures, and each link will take you to some things making my outdoor office possible: Mishka’s collapsible water bowl, and the super light and packable chair!

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