“O Little Town of….St. Mary’s”

So sang my head as my eyes drifted over my newest pride and joy: A slightly romanticized cityscape of our small town on a dark winter night.

Come see and enjoy the full view of a small American midwest town on a quiet Christmas night.

The view was originally captured on a bikers south of town. I had seen it on one short bike ride, and, inspired by the view, cycled back a week later to paint it somewhat in the style of Emma Bridgewater (She has some city scape mugs that I dearly love -her Oxford one-yum, yum-is one that I’d love to possess!).

A month or so later, here’s the fruit of a seasonal take on the scene:

The verdant splendor of the green lush fields has given way to quiet wintering trees and fallowed fields. The quiet atmosphere of silence, heavy with the thrill of falling snow and the cheer of finding it everywhere is what I tried to bring out here.

I also wanted to capture much of what our town centers around: The Church and Mary Immaculate: whether the Immaculate Conception or the (new) Immaculata rising above the town’s historic Jesuit campus.

Also seen is Jeffery’s Energy Center, our WWI memorial arch, the farmer’s coop, one of the public school’s buildings, our local grocery store, and our frequent interrupter of conversations: the train.

This section below is my favorite. Though the new Immaculata (the original one burned down in 1978) is not yet completed, we should be able to see something of this view this winter!

And finally, this lovely creation was turned into Christmas cards and postcards. I also am seeing how it turns out as a print. If you go to my shop tab you can find more information about how to get some for your Christmas cards!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s post (last week I missed due to Thanksgiving, and learning how to plan ahead for times such as those, especially when my other job and sickness come calling.)

If you’re ever up to going out and trying to capture your city-scape, or even your neighborhood-scape, this journal below is my ultimate favorite (When you click the pictures-links below, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks so much for helping me!):

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