Fountain Pen Men

When a pen cleaner takes your Lamy pens and cleans them, sometimes you discover some neat things about your own life.

Greg Minushkin took my Lamy pens and cleaned them, he let me see the build-up I had caused by unknowingly abusing them through neglect over the years. With “Slow down, Evelyn Wood!” still echoing my brain, this image revealed by the shape of my pens struck deep.

I saw what happens when you don’t slow down to take care of the things that make your a good instrument/tool of God.

Lots of wearing down and blockage in the cartridge and frustration to boot!

Thanks Greg!

So, in gratitude, I made this card for him, and at the suggestion of a pen-friend turned the little men I had ‘moving in’ to their new home, I turned them into little chimney sweep. Aren’t they cute?!

(What you are actually seeing is the feed which sucks up the ink and feeds it to the nib. The anatomy of a cartridge pen, cartoon style. )

Well, folks, that’s all for today! Trying to show up regularly each week, and keep things short and sweet! We’ll see how that goes!

If you happen to be at the Flint Hills Shakespeare Festival, do check out my booth, right by the Merry Pies of Windsor! I’ll have a selection of local art, prints, cards, and postcards available, and will be painting en pleine air!

That’s it for now! Have a great first week of fall!

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