A New Church Rises

While the souls of the faithful departed look on, the new Immaculata rises from the Flint Hills in the heart of the United States.

She will be the largest church in Kansas, rising 119 feet over the historic Jesuit campus and surrounding prairie lands.

Within this post you are seeing the latest snippets from my Immaculata Sketchbook which will capture the progress of the building over the next couple of years.

Making sure all is ready for the walls to be built!

Please say a prayer for this project. I’d be grateful if you would consider donating here to help build it -even if it’s $5.

Building for God is building for eternity.

Today at the site.
I love the surveyor’s truck perching on the parapets of dirt!

If you think this is a project worth telling others about, please pass this post on!

Thanks for reading and looking! I appreciate you coming back and looking, even though I’ve done a few posts about this building project. The New Immaculata means a lot to me and my community, and has been an object of my art recently!

Check out the next post for another look at our small midwest town!

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