Petra and the Last Day

Hello there dear reader, and here are the last entries of the Middle Eastern trip.

It’s a little late, but better late than never, right?

The Treasury

Things have been a little busy with my grandma’s funeral, my sister’s wedding, and the start of the school year. They all converged this the past month. Excuses…let’s get to the post.

On Day 11 we spent the entire day exploring Petra.

Our guide Hmaid did a wonderful job taking us off the beaten path and explaining the history of his childhood ‘backyard.‘


Words are hard to describe the beautiful rugged land. Seeing it takes one breathe away. Petra is a unique blend of many strains of ancient history, nature, and Arabic culture.

The land is so old, and many stories are etched into the walls, whether they be tombs or ruins; I felt as though history itself were judging me.

Going up to the Monastery, unfinished

During that trip, I tried to balance whipping out my sketchbook at any opportunity, embracing the beautiful outdoors, and haggling for souvenirs.

The Monastery, with Hmaid’s little note

Petra was such a beautiful place, and revealed so many possibilities as far as hiking trails and horseback riding, that I want to go back!

The next day, Day 12, Hmaid took us to Little Petra where we saw a lot more on a smaller scale of what Petra had to offer. Huge halls were carved into rock, and these halls reminded me of giant Arabic style living rooms.

The ruins of a Roman temple, overlooked by the mountains of Petra and a crusader fort.

Maybe when I finish these drawings and paintings I will do a separate post going into detail about this area.

After that we stopped at Shobak castle, and then made our way to Wadi Rum. There we took a small safari, ran down sand dunes, and sat and watched the sunset while eating watermelon brought from a local farmer.

The nights saw us eating traditionally cooked Bedouin food, hearing some music, and gazing at the stars, while trying to not be too annoyed by the western pop music being blared after the beautiful folk tunes.

The next morning, Day 12, was very bitter sweet. It was our last day in Jordan.

On the way to the Dead Sea, we saw Karak castle from a distance, ate lunch together, hiked a river and its waterfalls in a nature preserve -the lowest below sea level.

Observations of the Jordanian countryside

After that we swim, er floated, in the Dead Sea. After a mud bath of course.

Then Tim and I hustled off to clean, pack, and have one last meal together with some of our friends.

That night at around 10 o’clock my brother and I were on an airplane to Paris.

On that plane ride I heard an incredible story from in Syrian refugee one that inspired me to write it down.

A recreation of the reception halls at Little Petra, unfinished

But that’s for another day…

The trip to the Middle East re-ignited in me my love of ancient history, made me realize how much doing art is in essential part of my life, and made me humbled to be where I am in history thanks to all of the events that have played out to the present moment.

The sunset at Wadi Rum

This was a fast post, and there was so much I could’ve said or shown about Petra, but I hope you at least enjoy these paintings! Thanks for reading!

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