Slowing Down Enough

Each day seems to wind one up

Tighter than the next.

So much to do, 

So little time,

Scratch off any fluff that doesn’t help the climb.

So the other day, 

The inspiration came that

A little more being must occur

Before all the doing rushes in.

So on this bright Sunday morn 

The morning coffee was brought outside,

The books that make The Morning Ritual too,

But before breakfasting on those early words,

The warm, porcelain mug,

Full of aromatic joe, was cupped.

I sat.

From my journal, the first two gratefuls of the day

I sipped.

I looked out.

I soaked in:

The morning light,

The birds’ song,

The books began to call, but yet, 

Below the hill I saw, 

Along the old limestone buildings basking in the morning sun, 

People began to trickle out from Sunday Mass.

They sauntered leisurely, so different from their going-in an hour before.

Never did I notice, 

Never did it occur, 

That people often walk slower after Mass, 

As if fewer worries in the world.


What in Sunday Mass might make them move at so slow a pace?

Hmmm, that’s one to think on, for sure.

And then, just as the first book was cracked, 

A small, burbling chirping sound was heard, 

Two fleeting forms were seen,

Came zooming near my foot,

And darted right away,

A ruby -throated hummingbird, and another!

The last in hot pursuit!

Never had I seen those tiny fleeting things so close to me, 

Nor seen them interacting socially (albeit antagonistically).

Really, I felt as thought I’d just been behind the scenes of Planet Earth!

And then as I thought of how to approach this new week, 

I grinned.

Slowing down enough helps you see those little things, 

That somehow help you glimpse even bigger things.

Thank you so much for reading! If you made it this far, I congratulate you! Usually, I hope to have a lot of beautiful photos to share of the art I’ve been doing. Thanks for reading all the words, with only one picture!

Lately, my art has all been for a commission I’m very blessed to have.

I decided to wait until the final work is complete before sharing any photos of the process. It’s been a very educational journey!

If you’ve enjoyed reading this, please like, subscribe, and share it with others! Have a lovely week full of some slow, beauty filled moments!

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