Bits and Pieces

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Sometimes what you love requires a sheer act of the will to show your love for the thing. If you love art, but just don’t feel in the mood to produce it, it’s hard to make yourself do anything. So when you force yourself to do it -“Discipline equals freedom” – it sometimes feels like you have nothing to show for your time.

Maybe it’s just that time of the year, but it’s been hard to give of self in the art realm.

We’ve had a warm spell here in northeastern Kansas. Here was the first ever flower of 2020 Spring! Apparently it’s a Baby Blue Eyes.

So cheerful. That perfect shade of periwinkle and blue.

So, what do you do with such a precious, delicate little thing that will soon lose it’s luster? Paint it, of course!

In a few spare mixtures, I sat down and brushed it out.

It turned out pretty well. In hindsight, I wished I had finished the edges better.

Above are a slide show of various sketches, made in the great outdoors of my students, my nature journal for school, and some practice for the studio sessions I teach. I also have been trying to get back in the habit of practicing calligraphy once a week – there’s some signs of that too.

Above is a project I’ve been working on the most. It’s the first page of a children’s story called “Mama’s Holly Bush.” Look for more to come on that next week!

As I wrote this post I thought, “I haven’t done enough to make a post.” But then as I started selecting the pictures, I found that a fair amount has been done. Feelings don’t necessarily determine the reality of things!

I hope that you can look back on what you’ve done with your time and be happy and grateful too!

Thanks so much for reading. Hope you all have had a good week and enjoy the first week of March.

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