A Frosty Break: Barbed Wire Crystal

In the middle of doing the Old Fave, a friend and I had an intentional gathering of painting. We had talked of doing an ice study since nature had given us a lovely ice storm. So, over a hygge-ish atmosphere, including Riesling, warm socks, and a candle, we got out our paint stuff and went to town for an hour or so.

The week before my 16 year old brother snapped this picture while on a photo-foraging outing after the storm:

Ice and the Sun: two wonderful but distinctly different elements of God’s creation.

So, here’s what I came up with:

I’m not quite finished with it. But it was a neat learning experience. I used gouache, in my illo sketchbook, and masking fluid, my new best friend.

What I thought was interesting was that from the grey cold picture of my brother’s, I extracted the colors of purple and yellow and blue -it looks much more cheerful than the original image! Definitely indicative of personality for sure…

It’s kinda not clear that it’s ice at all, but I like the way it turned out for my first attempt at painting ice.

The funny thing is, when I held up the painting to my brother, he said was “What is it?”

Yup…still needs work.

Maybe we’ll get some more ice storms so that we can do more gatherings over studying how to paint ice -with drinks!

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