Fruits, Trains, and a Lady

The last week brought forth many fruits, though not all have made it on paper!

Teaching the boys in the Outdoor program made sure that Indian Currants made it into my field journal, as the first picture shows. The Indian Currants were also part of a great foraging expedition to decorate the table for our family’s Thanksgiving Feast.

We had a historic steam engine pass through our town, right in front of our local WWI memorial, erected right where the students of the Jesuit school back in the ol’ days used to be picked up by the train. It was a long wait, so I kept my fidgety fingers busy and sketched the memorial arch (the second picture). Hopefully I’ll go back and paint it! I thought I’d include the third picture just for fun to show you the fruit of the waiting!

Finally, my mother and sister want to sell Sancta Lucia buns in honor of her feast day on December 13. We thought it’d be fun to have a nice label to go with the packaged goods, so this lovely lady was the fruit of several tries. We’ll see how she turns out!

Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving!

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