A New Camino

Like traveling? Can’t travel right now? How about taking an interior journey while following the progress of a beautiful building? Camino in Spanish means “the way.” It refers to the Camino De Santiago (The Way of St. James), one of the oldest, and longest pilgrimages in Europe. (There’s a good movie about it, with Martin … More A New Camino


Hope Writers Challenge Day 5/5. A possibility. What is it?  The ol’ dictionary says it is traced back to Latin’s possibilis, “able to be done.” A possibility then is something that is able to be done. But because something is able to be done doesn’t mean it gets done, right?  How often do we come … More Possibility


Hope Writer challenge, day 4/5. A spark happens when a small fiery particle is thrown off from a fire, or when two hard surfaces such as stone or metal are struck together. These sparks can ignite greater fires, even mighty ones.  Have you ever sat down late in the evening to a friend’s bonfire, or … More Spark


Day three of the Hope Writer’s Challenge. Renew. What does renew mean? Renew. Re-new: make new again, revitalize, refresh. In some cases, rebuild. Trying to do it all over again, but with a new spirit. There are many takes on the definition: seven total in Merriam Webster’s big ol’ book. The other day we thought … More Renew


Below is the fruit of Hope Writer’s Challenge, 01/18: Rest. “Rest is not idleness; indeed, restlessness is the torment of idle people. It is not relaxation. Relaxation should never be necessary, because the nervous tension which makes it so should never be present. “Rest…is a culmination, a fulness of gathered peace, like the fullness and … More Rest


This is a response to the Hope Writers Challenge. Hope you like what you read! “Ahhhhhh!” Says the mind as the body relaxes in the small wooden chair. It’s pulled up to a cute little round table, reclining on the cobblestones of a small piazza of Trevi, an ancient town in Umbria, just outside of … More Slow

Once Upon a Sickness

This Christmastide all festivities took on a quiet celebration when several of us in our household came down with sickness. The large family doings were postponed and we were allowed to stay all snuggled in our beds. In this post I’ll share the things I worked on while I was sick: A little story that … More Once Upon a Sickness