Our Phones

Our smartphones are wonderful tools that can help us streamline life. They can also streamline our behavior to focusing soley on their glossy surfaces. Here’s a little story where I fell trap to the addictive device. (Keep reading to see more photos and hear the confessions of a growing phone addict!)

Interior Essentialism

Is there a connection between essentialism and distractions? Just like some of us “KonMari” to find what is not essential in our lives, so we can do that with our thoughts. It takes practice, and sometimes being honest with ourselves regarding our physical goods, helps us to be so with our interior world. Now, this … More Interior Essentialism

Vision on Paper

Welcome to the weekend! Today is a little break from the Camino, and I’ll tell you why at the end! Recently a lovely couple had me draw out improvement ideas for their house. So, I spent time at their house, heard their ideas, looked at pictures, sketched, talked with them on and off, and nine … More Vision on Paper

Meet the Critic

“Quit! Throw in the towel!” Critical feelings sneer “This is stupid, why are you doing this?” “What a project to focus on! This is not going to get you anywhere!” These discouraging feelings have besieged me. I shared these mental assaults with a fellow pilgrim. You may be thinking, Uh, isn’t assault a bit too … More Meet the Critic

Camino: A Hero Dies

Death has been heard of far and wide throughout the world these last two years. On this interior Camino out here in ol’ Kansas, so many people have died in our large community of fellow-pilgrims. But little connections on a day of a special funeral reminds us all that death is only the begining of … More Camino: A Hero Dies