Roots nourish, anchor, prevent things like trees, and even you and I, from being washed away. Without roots, one becomes a nomadic tumbleweed. With healthy roots, life is grounded, and flourishes. While in Richmond Virginia, a little adventure revealed my own roots. And those natural, biological, and genealogical tendrils lead to an even greater reality. … More Roots

Did She Disappear?

Do you ever have a writer, content follower, friend or family member who disappears off your normal orbit path? It’s not like they ghosted you, but like they ghosted their own existence in the universe? Well, folks, confession, I am one of those peeps. But not to worry, I haven’t ghosted or abandoned painting and … More Did She Disappear?

A Whole New World

Hello friends! I missed this past week again! Come take a look at this post to see my new job which will get me closer to working on the ‘innerds’ of the New Immaculata! I took a job working a company that does architectural arts: historic conservation and new artwork for major architectural projects. The … More A Whole New World

In the Animal World

When you journey through life on this earth, you’re bound to see some animals. If you frequent the outdoors, you’re bound to become rather familiar with them. And if you have anything of an imagination, you’re bound to find amusing parallels between our life and theirs! This post features two such parallels!


Do you like being interrupted? Or are you like the rest of us mere mortals who feel frustration when someone interrupts us, or our course throughout the day is somewhat delayed or put in a detour? Do I see a few hands raised out there? Yep, mine’s in there with the rest of y’all! Here’s … More Interruptions

Some great views

We have gone through Lent. We have reached the peak of Easter, and now can walk along the summit and enjoy the pleasing views from way up high. We enjoy not only the celebration of Easter tide, but also the parallel beauty of nature in spring. I’ve including several entries here, because I lost time … More Some great views


Happy Easter Friends! Congratulations! We made it to the peak of the Resurrection! Now to fill our hearts with it’s joy and hope! Once again, I fell off a week! But I’m back! Very quickly just to say hello and that I haven’t forgotten about you! This post is a bit of a miracle: I’m … More Summit!

One Week to Summit

As the days stretch longer, this time of year is a struggle naturally and supernaturally. In being stretched, we learn our limits, we learn what stuff we are made of, and whether or not we need to adjust our routes along the path of life. Keep reading to understand nature a little better this time … More One Week to Summit